miércoles, 6 de junio de 2012

3RD DAY TITUS PROJECT: Inductive Method Overview

Today is when it starts getting you. If you ever been a Titus participant you will know, that in two days you will be modeling yourself the lecture you are learning today.

Understanding how to pass on the Inductive Method to other, to adapt it to different audiences from highschool students to pastors and leaders or highly educated people, you will know that the nervousness of teaching and all the preparation that goes prior to that, can be and will be a little overwhelming.

So today is a good day to pray for our participants and staff that are preparing their own lectures and want to honor God, by doing that in an excellent way.

Aimy Wahby is a sweet and strong loving woman of God, from Egypt who has joined Titus as staff a month ago. She brought amazing illustrations for each step of the method and got all of us connected, engaged and learning during her whole lecture.

We are blessed to serve together in this outstanding ministry. Please keep us in your prayers as we take care of logistical details, and encounter ourselves in the process of planning two intense months ahead of us to serve directly the church in Taiwan.

Blessings, grace and we will keep you posted daily on the training time!


lunes, 4 de junio de 2012

Titus June 2012 starts!

Yesterday we started the training time of Titus Project. This next three months are going to be an exciting time of Bible teachers going out and teaching, in this occasion, around the whole island of Taiwan.

God's heart for teachers in a heart for His people. God wants people to know Him so that they can glorify Him for who He is. Nobody in this world likes to be appreciated only for what they do alone. THere is nothing wrong with that. But we all want to be appreciated for who we are.

This is the message of the Bible. It's all about the unchanging God. He deserves to be loved and glorified for who He is.

The first day, Amy Stevens, the founder of Titus Project and mother of 4 kids now shared the story on how she founded this ministry, to equip the church and bring Bible teaching to areas where Bible teaching is greatly needed but there is not a lot of access to it. It's been almost 16 years ago, since God called a shy early twenties year, to lead outreaches ti non-reach places to teach the Bible. Since then, a couple of years later, her now husband got "engaged" and married into Titus. Working along these faithful servants and loving christian family is a blessing. We get to see their teaching modeled in their everyday life.

After that, I got to share about "The Heart of the Teacher" and through the life of Jesus, Paul's teachings and warnings for teachers, understand and be challenged with the privilege, responsibilities and blessings of being a teacher. In the end, the great commission on Matthew 28:29-20, Jesus commanded all His disciples, including all of us "to teach" these things. So in one way or another, we are all called to be teachers sometimes for an audience of one, or hundreds. Sometimes as a full time ministry or work, or sometimes for a short period of time.

Our prayer is that nobody will be afraid of teaching, but have the tools to be a teacher like Jesus, following His example by "walking the talk" and teaching not only through our words but our actions.

May we have God's heart, that our hearers would know Him, so that they can glorify Him for who He is. Please keep us in your prayers.

Blessings and grace,



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